L. J. Downes Rod Building Class


Jim Downes – Maker


For generations of anglers a bamboo fly rod had been a cherished possession.  The enjoyment of fishing with a bamboo rod is perhaps equaled only by the unique experience of crafting a cane rod yourself. 


Taught by Master Rod Builder Jim Downes, this class is designed to teach you a straightforward approach to building your own bamboo fly rod.  The course is structured so that you should be able to complete a 2 piece, 2 tip rod in a length and taper you select from among those produced in the LJ Downes Rod Shop.  All skill levels are welcome.


Jim is a patient and skilled teacher as well as a superb craftsman. He has been building bamboo fly rods for 25+ years. As a full time rod maker, Jim’s experience allows him to provide practical hands on instruction. Students work at their own pace in a safe working environment where the proper use of tools will be stressed at all times.  You will learn the art and skills of crafting a bamboo fly rod and have fun while doing it. The rod-building course is designed to allow you to work about 8 hours a day in the shop and still spend plenty of time fishing the local limestone streams.


The L J Downes Rod Shop is located in Coburn, Pa. in the heart of Central Pa’s limestone streams.  The shop is adjacent to the Feathered Hook Fly Shop and Bed & Breakfast.  Better yet, Penns Creek, famous for its Green Drake hatch and wild brown trout, is right out the front door!  


Your 6 day Bamboo Rod Building Class costs the same as the rod and provides everything you need including:


  • Hands on instruction at the rod shop

  • All building materials: bamboo, rod hardware, cork, silk thread, etc.

  • Rod tube and rod sock

  • Use of machinery, planing form and tools needed for building a bamboo rod

  • Lodging and hearty breakfast at the Feathered Hook B&B is available.


On the last day of the class you will actually be casting your own bamboo rod and possibly catch a lunker trout on Penns Creek.



For more information on rod building classes or hand crafted bamboo rods by Jim Downes please visit our web site at www.ljdownesrodcompany.com or send an email to jim@ljdownesrodcompany.com  



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